It is Easy Pet Flight mission to provide all requirement for all pet shipping needs from Country to Country. Take the stress out of bringing pets to around the world by relying on the expertise of Easy Pet Flight Specialists, who can guide you step by step through the intricate process. When transporting pets internationally, there is an official requirement for the country of import needed to follow with, such as quarantine, government regulations, requirements and airline that need to be met before exporting your pet. 


The service Easy Pet Flight usually included: 


  • Collection from your residence

  • Import Permits

  • Veterinary checks

  • Regular annual vaccinations

  • Rabies Vaccinations

  • Blood tests

  • Microchipping

  • IATA approved International Travel Crates

  • All Flight Bookings

  • Government Health Certificates

  • Boarding requirement prior to flight

  • Delivery to aircraft  hours prior to departure

  • Customs Clearance & Fee at the destination

  • Delivery to the residence at the destination

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