Choosing the right cage for your pet is not to be taken lightly, as airline companies have the right to deny the departure of your pet if it considers its cage too cramped, or if it does not comply with IATA standards:

The Appropriate Shipping Kennel or Crate

No one likes uncomfortable travel, including your pets. Because your pets don’t have the luxury to wander while being transported, it’s important that their crate is designed with their comfort in mind.

Made to fit your pet perfectly, Easy Pet Flight offers custom-designed crates for pet transportation, ensuring not only comfort but safety, no matter where you need your pet to go. Crates are built to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines. Whether you need a large crate, a small crate, or something small and detailed, our goal is to create exactly what your pet needs for pet travel. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, you can find the right crate for your travelling needs.

An appropriate crate should look similar to this:

  • Made of plastic

  • Held together all the way around with nuts and bolts

  • Metal front door

  • No wheels are not collapsible and has a spacer lip around the middle

  • Ventilation on all sides (international travel) or at least 3 sides for domestic travel

  • Wire training crate, crates that fold and collapse, soft-sided crates and crates with plastic pegs, snap closures or other means of holding the top and bottom together are NOT ACCEPTABLE

  • Must be at least 3 cm taller than the pet INSIDE, so that there is 3cm of clearance over the top of the head or ears, whichever is highest.

Common crate sizes** are:

PP20     L52 x W37 x H37

PP30     L62 x W41 x H45

PP40     L73 x W45 x H53

PP50     L82 x W56 X H60

PP60     L93 x W61 x H73

PP70    L115 x W66 x H80

PP90    L115 x W66 x H90